Just an Ordinary Person with Regular Dreams

A Computer Science Engineering Undergraduate, Writer, Cricket Lover

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Hi all 🙌 , Welcome to my profile page, By the way, it is not an actual profile page because It is not only about me 😄.

I am starting this with a kutti story. Kutti story is a Tamil and English mixed word. It means a small story. …

WSO2 Identity Server

7 Months Internship Project in WSO2, Inc

Hi Everyone, Today We are going to talk about my internship project at WSO2, Inc. We will see from the start to the end of the internship and what happened in the timeline. Let's see one by one.

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Project Selection Process

After we selected for the internship, project demonstrations happened by the different…

Mac OS Tips for Programming

Installing SQL Server in Mac M1 Using Docker

Hi everyone 😃,

When we switch our operating system such as windows to mac os 🍎, We may face many software-related installations problems. As a result, Recently I wanted to use mac OS. However, there are significant differences between Windows and Mac. As a result, I had a lot of…

Native App development Technologies

React Native vs Flutter

Hi everyone 😃, Today we are going to look at the two top-rated mobile development technologies. We are going to compare and contrast both of them.

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Through this article, I am going to compare React Native vs Flutter and then towards the end, I am going to give you my…

HDGSOM — High Dimensional GSOM

HDGSOM is an extended version of GSOM while GSOM is an extended version of SOM.

Hi everyone 😃, Today we are going to look at the High Dimensional Growing Self Organizing Maps called HDGSOM. I came across SOM, GSOM, HDGSOM in my research project in Data Science and Machine learning. I thought that many people are aware of SOM and GSOM but HDGSOM is unpopular…


Machine Learning for Beginners & How to start learning ML from scratch

Machine Learning is one of the most spelt or most spoken word phrases nowadays. Emerging of science and technology creates a vast amount of data every millisecond around the world through various sources such as mobile phones, computers, satellites, GPS devices, etc. As data is coming in a huge volume…

Improvements For Windows 11

Problems and Suggestions to be Improved Windows 11 For All Users

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You are all heard about the Windows 11 releases and updates. Windows 10 was released 5 years ago. So lots of Windows lovers very excited to use the new Windows 11 for a long time.

Now That time comes. Here We Go…

Research Project Introduction Chapter

Ride-Hailing Servies are one of the mainstream of modern transportation among people

Hi all, Today We are going to talk about an interesting topic regarding my one of the project as an undergraduate at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa. This article is a kind of introduction to the project. Without further delay, Let's dive into the context.

Redis Episode

Redis Datastore available key features and well-known use cases

Hi all 🙌 ,

Today we are going to look at another episode in the Redis series on the topic of the features and common use cases of the Redis technology. We will look at the features first then move to the use cases section.

Redis stands for Remote Dictionary…

Human-Computer Interaction

Key aspects to be included in the System Design in the 21st Century

Hi everyone,

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Today we are going to talk about some user interface related concepts called Universal Usability and Multi-Modality. As both of the concepts draw users towards the system, They are necessary to be followed while designing a system. Let's dive into the discussion without further delay.

Universal Usability

Thenusan Santhirakumar

Writer | Former Software Engineering Intern @WSO2 | Undergraduate | Computer Science and Engineering | University of Moratuwa

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